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Do the include and lib folders matter for (L)GPL ?

Aug 18, 2014 at 5:15 PM
Dear AForge.NET developers, I'm still not very into all those licensing questions. I'm willing to use only the LGPL parts of FFmpeg in a commercial product and I naturally came to your webpage as my application interface is going to be developed using C#. The AForge wrapper is probably not going to be used as we need a more complex reading/processing/encoding, however it's great that you got an LGPL build of FFmpeg with Zeranoe so I thought why not use them?
In order to include their headers and libs I first downloaded the FFmpeg Dev package from Zeranoe, but in the README file it clearly states the usage of --enable-gpl. Then I downloaded the AForge sources in order to get the FFmpeg Dev files believing they would be LGPL, but again, --enable-gpl is there in the README file.

The final question is: am I safe to use no matter which headers and libs as long as I use the FFmpeg DLLs included in AForge?

Thank you in advance!